Classic Boating (January/February 2004)

Concour Beauties
Text and photograpy: Norm and Jim Wangard

thumb_tomahawk_lakeThe 29’ Stan-Craft Torpedo that Syd Young built for Gil Amoroso in 2003 has been continually refined since Syd’s father, Stan, began building Stan-Craft boats in 1933. The current generation of Torpedoes runs at speed through chop without banging around like the original version. With 625 hp, Tomahawk’s deep-V hull can overcome its increased wetted area for speeds over 50 mph. The goal has been to keep the classic look and gracefulness of these boats, and yet get them to perform and ride soft. Of the half dozen models that Stan-Craft of Post Falls, Idaho, offers, Syd’s personal favorites have been the torpedo and speedster configurations. Tomahawk, with its two aft of engine cockpits, is like a speedster with a boat-tailed stern.