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Classic Boating (September/October 1989)

Go Further West Young Man
By: Jim Wangard
Photos by: Norm Wangard

In the 1860s, prospectors discovered gold in Idaho and before long, thousands of miners gravitated to this Rocky Mountain state to strike it rich. Farmers, cattlemen and ranchers soon followed. As the mines were depleted, many of the get-rich-quick prospectors moved on. The farmers, cattlemen and ranchers stayed in the region and built the state whose popular name is the Gem State, reflecting its wealth in abundant resources and opportunities. Among them are big bodies of water and a large population of classic boats now in need of a restorer.



Inland Northwest Homes & Lifestyles (July/August 2003)

Smooth Ride
By: Margueriette Travaillé
Photos by: Joel Riner/Quicksilver

Classic mahogany speedboats have come a long way since they surged in popularity in the 1930s and ‘40s. Their once-knocking ride has been smoothed out to an effortless skim across the water–silken, fluid, and elegant. Newer marine varnishes eliminate the need for refinishing of the wood. Brass and bronze fittings stretch the design spectrum.



Travel Channel - "Dreaming Big - Extreme Boats Show."


Stan-Craft Boat Company was featured on the Discovery’s Travel Channel - "Dreaming Big - Extreme Boats Show."

Dates Shown: May 30th, 2005 and also on August 15th, 2005.

The 8 minute segment shows Syd Young and Families boats and builders in action. If you missed the show we have copies of the segment. Please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Classic Boating (July/August 1999)

Stan Young’s Blending of Art & Machine
By: Bob Boldt

When it became time for me to make my initial purchase of a classic boat in 1991, I was completely blown away when I first saw Big Sky. You could say it was love at first sight. I was fortunate to know the owner, Alan Furth, and when he decided to trim his collection, I was one of the first to get a shot at buying the boats he had decided to let go. I had carefully reviewed the list of available boats and was determined to buy the Greavette Streamliner Canadienne, a Chris-Craft Cobra, or one of three very special Gar Woods. But the first boat I saw was Big Sky and it was all over.



Workboat (August 1999)

Stan Craft Boats delivers passenger ‘Torpedo’
Charles B. Summers

Granted, she doesn’t look like a workboat but given her job of carrying passengers for hire, that’s what she is.

In the spring and fall, Keith Snyder runs fishing charters on Idaho’s Lake Pond Orielle, but summer tourists are more interested in sightseeing. As a result, between June 15 and September 15, he moves his operation 30 miles south to Lake Coeur d’Alene, where he sells 30-minute boat rides at $15 a head. While the boat ride is an attraction, the boat itself – a new 29’, all wood, 1930s-style "Torpedo" runabout – is just as appealing.